Home [German love shopping bags, etc famous fake market] Nearly two years, the European debt crisis next economic "monolith" of Germany, Europe buy luxury goods of "first army". Statistics showed that in 2011, the German luxury goods market a 16% increase from the previous year to 12.9 billion euros, especially watches, jewelry, bags and luxury car most popular. At the same time, fake luxury goods also continued to increase. To combat this fake agitation, German luxury brand adopted a "comprehensive" measures.<br><br>In Germany there is a western sorin root by several enterprise, research institute was established in 2007 (see chart) of fake museum. The museum show costumes, <a href="http://www.replica-buyers.com" title="Replica Watches">Replica Watches</a>, <a href="http://www.replica-buyers.com" title="Replica Handbags">Replica Handbags</a>, etc. Various kinds of counterfeit famous brand product, every year will add new exhibits. The counterfeit products with the quality goods, if not presented, at that time I can't imagine who who is false. Often have institutions or school to the museum collective visit. These counterfeit famous brand products is held every year many of the "best plagiarism award winning entries. This award by the German professor Joseph cloth in 1977 in Frankfurt show created, because of his design for the product that year was fake. This year 10 awards-winning products, there are 7 home from Chinese manufacturer. In order to cope with plagiarism enterprise, some luxury enterprise also engaged detective agency, to suspicious company sent spies, obtain evidence, the fake enterprise tell a court.<br><br>Own 400 members of the German brand association staff introduces to the reporter, the origin of the luxury in Germany back to the seventeenth century, when brand began to consumer literacy education. 19 century, the second industrial revolution, a luxury brand is more and more, in Germany the re-education of conducted large-scale. After the second world war, also held similar action. In recent years, as more and more "people of the" luxury goods, luxury manufacturers and the institutions are in a wide range of popular education. Almost every luxury brands have their own museum. Every year many brands and various "brand experience festival", consumer can be in this period into luxury manufacturers in the workshop, understand the production process.<br>